Echo Dot 4th Gen.

Smart speaker with clock and Alexa

First, I want to mention that this product is good for all ages both parents and kids, college students who want to take a loud off and relax with their favorite tune or to sync up to their smart home accessories. Comes in different colors such as one shown in twilight blue, black or for the kid's tiger and panda. For only $34.99 this makes a great addition to the home or gift for anyone.
This product is rated at 4 1/2 stars with over 20,000 reviews on Amazon!


Echo Glow

Bright and colorful smart lamp.

Since we are talking about Alexa and echo gadgets that lively up anyone's home. Consider looking into the echo glow smart lamp. Great lamp for kids at a young to teen age or even adults that want to add color to their home or bedroom. Using this was great for my young ones and being that it has multiple color options even a rainbow timer. This lamp is something that we could not go wrong with that added to our smart gadgets. 
This great lamp has over 32,000 review on Amazon with a 4 1/2 star rating that is Awesome!


All NEW Echo Show 8

HD Smart display with Alexa and 13 MP camera

This 8-inch personalized screen not only makes your life a bit more manageable at home and keeps the little ones busy while catching up on some work, but it allows video calls with the 13 MP camera that auto centers! This does just about everything to link up to your Blink cameras for home security, phone calls, photos, streaming, calendars, event updates even will give cooking recipes. Plus, much more. If you're an Alexa product owner that loves what they offer like I do you will be very surprised what comes in this little package. 
This awesome gadget has over 14,000 reviews with a 4 1/2 STAR rating!


Samsung Smart Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 44mm

Coming from a previous Apple owner that recently transferred to Samsung, I have to say you get a better bang for your buck with the Samsung smart watch, comes with features to maximize your fitness and health with the live readings from your oxygen levels, sleep tracker, exercise, ECG monitoring plus much more which normally you have to pay extra for with top competitors like Apple. The watch comes in 3 different sizes 40, 44 and 46 MM. I personally own one of these and never regretted my decision and neither did the other 2,000 plus people on amazon that left this amazing smart watch with a 4 1/2 star rating!